CATERINGSpecialists in On-Site Catering


  • We provide quality catering at your service.
  • Our chefs have over 35 years of cooking experience.
  • We provide vegetarian catering and halal or non halal meat.
  • We specialise in live cooking on site.
  • Masala Creations cater for all occasions, any size and anywhere.

As well as over 35 years of experience that goes into our cooking, we use original recipes which date back to over 500 years. Our extensive menu offers a variety of dishes which originate from all parts of the Indian sub-continent and we are able to tailor our service to meet your individual needs.

We guarantee to deliver a special day full of blissful memories for you to treasure forever. Beginning from your enquiry all the way to the end of your special day you will receive an exceptional standard of service as well as genuine kindness and friendliness from Masala Creations.

Good Indian food is not too difficult to find, there are many restaurants and catering firms which can produce good food. However, what makes us so unique is the logistics and preparation of serving to hundreds of guests. Our fresh ingredients are handpicked by our head chef on a weekly basis. As well as remaining calm and professional, we ensure everything goes to plan during your event. We are a very friendly, family run business and can cater for people of all cultures.

Masala Creations has expanded immensely and offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in multi–cuisine catering for all kinds of events. We can provide a range of high quality cuisine for events, from Indian and indo Chinese dishes to Gujarati dishes and barbecue grills. No dish is ever too difficult for our chefs to produce to 5 star qualities. Feel free to ask us of any dishes you may not see on our menu as our chefs are more than capable to meet your needs. Each week our head chef does the shopping run himself to ensure the purchase and use of the freshest & unique ingredients.

Masala Creations provides an extensive vegetarian menu with a number of choices of vegetarian dishes. A huge proportion of the Asian community are vegetarian due to religious beliefs, therefore vegetarian cuisine is taken very seriously by us. There is a separate vegetarian prep area in the industrial kitchen and separate cold storage facilities for vegetarian food which is prepared for pure vegetarian events. Our clients are invited to come and view the facilities for themselves.

Fantastic job to the Masala Creations team for providing such wonderful food. Everyone enjoyed the food and the management was top notch. You guys seriously took alot of weight off my shoulders and I honestly say that you guys really do provide a wonderful service. I'm hearing wonderful reviews from people who attended the event! - AKSHAY PATEL, April 2013

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