Who are we?

Director of Masala Creations LTD, my name is Hardeep Ram. My role as director of this company involves many commitments and responsibilities which are essential to ensuring the successful and smooth running of Masala Creations. Since we have been trading in the Catering Industry, we have developed many skills and experienced so much within our field of work.

Our team and I are very open minded people, who like to think outside the box. As well as using our knowledge and imagination to ensure the service we provide is to the finest level, we are always keen to learn and experience new recipes and traditions. We celebrate diversity and culture from all around the world in the flavours we use.


My main inspiration derived from my father. My father has a deep passion for cooking and has been in the catering industry as a head chef for over 35 years for several companies. He has always taught me that cooking is not just putting a meal together and presenting it well when serving; it is far more than that. Cooking is putting in the time and effort to ensure that every mouthful of food will hold luscious flavours from all around the world and take you on a journey of its own.

At Masala Creations, we take it far beyond just being the caterers. To us, seeing smiles on happy faces and witnessing the satisfaction of a tummy full of delicious food is just delightful. It is this, what inspires us to do what we do.

In the catering industry, we have learnt that through effective time management and organisational skills anything is achievable. Some important aspects of running any business are planning, preparing and having the right support networks behind you. Working alongside your family members is just one of the highlights and perks of running a family business. There is nothing greater than the love, support and understanding of your family.

Since I was a little boy I have always liked the idea of one day, being my own boss. My father could not be happier working in the catering industry, therefore, after I graduated University I finally decided it was time to chase my dreams and put them into practise. My father has inspired me to follow my heart and I will continue to fulfil his dream as well as my own.


  • Quality catering at your service
  • Live cooking on site
  • Chefs with over 35 years cooking experience
  • Guaranteed satisfaction ensuring 100% dedication
  • Catering for all occasions, any size and anywhere
  • Offering Vegetarian Catering & Halal or Non- Halal meat

DOWNLOAD our Catering Menu:

  • Download Takeaway


  • Download Takeaway

What we Cater for?

  • Traditional Weddings
  • Mixed Marriages
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Anniversaries & Engagements
  • Corporate Luncheons & Buffets
  • Outdoor Events including BBQ's and much more.

We put together our party at the very last minute and Masala Creations were very helpful. Not only was the service excellent the food was the best catering we have ever had! We were able to put together our menu and ready for our party within days! The food arrived fresh and on time and tasted delicious! Nothing to fault at all! There starters, meat and desserts were incredible. The food went down a treat; not even any left over every patila was scraped clean with naan! Definitely considering them for every occasion possible.! - BALWANT KAUR, September 2013